Insp. de Pasta de Solda
Inspeção de Pasta de Solda 3D SPI

With its revolutionnary warp measurement, this system provides unmatched accuracy for 100% 3D Solder Paste Inspection.

Vi TECHNOLOGY ®'s 3D-SPI is the world's first 3D Solder paste inspection system able to measure PCB warp as well as true solder volume without shadow effect within cycle time. On-the fly 3D image acquisition (instead of stop and move) brings faster 3D inspection without loss of resolution.  

Accuracy and warp compensation

  • Unmatched true resolution, accuracy and repeatability
  • Full-featured absolute measurement of the full board surface, mapping to 0.1µm for every measurement
  • Zero % shadow effect with the structured double light source providing no volume measurement error
  • True volume measurement of board and paste
  • Unique flexible board process measurement

Easy operation

  • Easy off-line programming by automatic conversion of Gerber and CAD Data
  • Easy- to-use, highly flexible software
  • On-machine defect review and trend analysis
  • Real-time process monitoring and alarm signal generation
  • Real-time SPC software for process monitoring and defect analysis
  • Full-featured historical drill down of data with intuitive presentation of information



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