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Máquina de Solda a Onda - Electra


The ELECTROVERT Electra is an advanced, highly flexible wave soldering system designed for high-volume manufacturers. The proven performance of the platform delivers world-class soldering results while providing lead-free processing capability. The system is designed with closed-loop controls that provide accuracy and repeatability and an intuitive Windows® operator interface that provides easy recipe set-up. Setup parameters can be entered while the operator views operations by sliding the control station along the front of the machine. VOC-Free fluxes are supported by the fluxer module and efficiently dried with the Vectaheat convection preheaters.

The Electra is capable of handling lead-free applications with its cast iron solder pot and corrosive resistant components. A quick-change solder pot is available that allows the user to switch between different solder alloys, i.e. tin/lead to lead-free. The solder wave can be configured for air operation with the proven Lambda wave or for nitrogen operation with the patented coN2tour®. Bridging defects are reduced on both SMT and through-hole components using a full-width adjustable angle debridging air knife. For easy maintenance, lift-up hoods and a fold-down tailgate provide full front access to the machine.


UltraFill™ nozzle for lead-free soldering
Sliding operator panel allows easy setup while viewing system operations
Genuine lead-free ready
Quick change solder module
ExactaWave™ closed-loop wave height control
Rotary chip wave eliminates misses or skims on bottom-side SMT components
Lambda wave available for air operation and patented coN2tour wave available for N2 operation


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