Testador In-Circuit

TestStation SE

The TestStation SE is configurable with up to 2560 non-multiplexed in-circuit channels. TestStation SE has 20 Extended VXI card slots for adding analog-only channel cards (CC1s), hybrid digital/analog channel cards (CC2s), high speed flash programming cards(CC3’s) or integrating C-sized VXI instruments.

  • Graphic / language-free worksheet programming, but also has a standard programming language when needed
  • PC-based, with native Windows XP operating system
  • No compilation, live pattern editing, but with a graphic GUI and more debug tools
  • Non-multiplexed (driver/receiver behind every pin)
  • High density/high performance fixture interface with optional wireless personality plate for using existing Z18xx fixtures
  • Z18xx optional capabilities (PRISM high performance analog test, Vector Processor, 3V logic support, DFP flash programming) are standard in the TestStation SE

The TestStation SE is also fully compatible with existing Spectrum 8851 and 8852 ICT-only systems. The TestStation SE can optionally support the integration of VXI instruments, but for Spectrum users that require any significant addition of VXI instrumentation, we recommend the use of the Spectrum 885Xxp system.


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