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Máquina de Solda a Onda - Vectra Elite


The ELECTROVERT VectraElite advanced wave soldering system is designed for medium to high volume production that requires fast changeover, process flexibility, and system reliability. The VectraElite platform combines innovative technology in an accessible, ergonomic platform and provides the tools necessary to achieve a zero-defect process at the lowest possible cost of ownership. The system's modularity and ergonomic features maximize front access with a fold down pneumatic panel and swing open corner panels. All major components slide out for easy maintenance. A number of fluxers are available, including foam, and multiple spray systems allowing the VectraElite to offer unmatched fluxing flexibility. VOC-Free fluxes are supported by the fluxer module and efficiently dried with the Vectaheat convection pre-heaters.

In addition to Vectaheat technology, the VectraElite offers upper convection pre-heat capability with its new High Velocity Convection pre-heat module (HVC) as well as IR pre-heat technology. The VectraElite is capable of handling lead-free applications with its cast iron solder pot and corrosive resistant components. A quick-change solder pot is available that allows the user to switch between different solder alloys, i.e. tin/lead to lead-free. The solder wave can be configured for air operation with the proven Lambda wave or for nitrogen operation with the patented coN2tour®. Bridging defects are reduced on both SMT and through-hole components using a full-width adjustable angle debridging air knife.


UltraFill™ nozzle for lead-free soldering
Genuine lead-free ready
Quick change solder module
ExactaWave™ closed-loop wave height control
Rotary chip wave eliminates misses or skips on bottom-side SMT components
Lambda wave available for air operation and patented coN2tour wave available for N2 operation


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